Saturday, May 8, 2010

space clearing and much more

there is just so much i have realized within the past week and a half. i wish i had time to record it all right now, but i don't, because its 230am! rafe is sick with fever and keeps calling out for me, and i can't sleep anyways because of the crazy revelation i had about the very true realness of feng shui and energy and symbolism and...oh! i wonder why this had to dawn on me in the middle of the night! bad timing!

i will simply have to make notes for myself and fill in the blanks later:
scarface shirt
stuck energy and heat
symbolism of our belongings
naming your home
creating so very real...the things we say, even while we might mean them lightheartedly, are so very powerful (hence, no more "crankyhouse!")
my new rhealm of exploration: shamanism, space clearing and feng shui
the book "true love" by thich nhat can't remember how to spell his whole name
untying of painful heart knots
beginning a new blog about shamanism and the energy of spaces

okay, i think those are the major points.

poor rafey. better get him again.

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Q said...

It is so very true...we do create with our words and thoughts....
Would love to get together when I get home from Portland and California in July.
Looking forward to new blog....