Thursday, March 11, 2010


did i already post this one of the yucky backside of my house? what i need to find is one of my really good front photos, because my neighbors are sorta irritating to me when i try to stare at my house and figure out colors. i've had 4 neighbors comment, sarcastically, that i just need a few more colors to look at. (actually, ive only got about 6 colors out there, which isint bad considering i need at least 2 in the end!) funny, it sounds like i must be out there a lot to have so many comments! ha! actually, it all happened on 2 nice days we have had, and every able bodied human being went outside to try to recover from the horrible winter we've had! yer also liable to come across a lot of neighbors here because i live in retirement-ville - someone is ALWAYS walking their dog! some of the neighbors walk their dogs 3 times a day!!!

funny picture of my in-laws gorgeous barn. to be honest, i would rather just live there! its a beautiful building. and the colors are really nice, too.