Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simple Sewing - and recycling!

It's about time I did something thrifty...Getting tired of the teenie bibs I have but not wanting to purchase something that I could so easily make myself. It was fun! Made 4 bibs out of 1 old sweatshirt, baby sleepsack, and 2 old receiving blankets. Doubled receiving blankets since they were pretty thin. All have tie backs. I love sewing, especially when it's something so easy and doesn't require a pattern or measuring or neatness of any kind.

Monday, February 23, 2009


The room of red....

Don't tell anyone, but I might paint this room soon. The red is so oppressive. I don't have the lamps on the pianie anymore cause of course we don't want the Rafer pulling them down!

Alison, i like your suggestion of a gold color. would coordinate with curtains. or maybe just offwhite. for some reason i also can picture doing a very subtle faux finish in here (for in my next life when i have that sort of time...) maybe two shades of off-white/goldie color, layered, barely noticeable. For red, this is a great one. it's just so dark in this room that it's unpleasant to even be in.

Well, ya know, my dream home is insanely white, white white. White floors, furniture, etc. It would probably be annoyingly sterile, right? It would last a day, then i would start painting colors, im sure. Speaking of white, i need to post a picture of the completed master bathroom. Problem is, it's always messy! Perhaps will just post a messy picture of it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

entryways, again

This door reminds me of another project (purchase!) that I've been putting off...I think that the front door would look great with some of these false strap hinges. Probably not so ornate, though.

Here is a bird lamp I found which is in the entryway. I have a thing for bird lamps, I get all excited about them. Once I saw a Buddhawithchildren sculpture turned into a lamp on ebay...I wish I had gotten that! I was told once it's not too hard to make your own lamps. I would like to learn how to do that some day.

I've always loved these under-the-stairs closets!!!! I wouldn't store anything in there because I would like to have it be my own hiding place.

Here is a really sweet friendly entryway. No ideas from this which I can use, since I don't have room for multiple mirrors and I have stuccoed walls. But isin't this wallpaper sweet?
I tried moving Broder's 5x7 rug to the was much better looking than 2 smaller rugs put together. I thought I had found a cheap orange Moroccan-window type rug that I could put in his room as a replacement but it turns out they are not available anymore. So will keep my eye out for an orange area rug for his room. Hmmm, orange rug...should be easy to find one of those, right? ha!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more about paintings

ahhh, out of order pictures! some day i will figure out how to do this layout thing. broder - the real one, and the painted one. i think im almost "done" with this picture, simply because i dont think it's going to massively improved. it's alright for an amateur, anyways. sorta cartoonie!
and then my bob rossian style landscape...chuckle! and levitating oranges. landscape is still in progress, but im sorta bored with it so might need to come back to that another time. i do a little when i have 15 mintues/30 minutes where i can safely neglect the children, heh heh... means less laundry done and less food cooked, but more happy mama.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Stella, 10/06. Let's see, she would have been 2.5 when this picture was taken? I'm biased, I know, but....she was so damn cute!!!
I used this picture because I can't get the more recent ones to work for some reason.
Today Stella went to Kindergarten Roundup and had this to say about it:
"Kindergarten is the life of eeease. Because it's easy but the teachers think it's hard."
I asked her if she wanted to do half day or full day, and she said she wanted to do half day because she loves to play on the computer SO much. I said, "well, what if the computer blew up? then what would you do?" Stella: "get a new computer." Hmmmm. makes sense.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

other painting

praying to the fireplace gods (i think it's looking swell with it's new white facade)

the other day i started doing some actual "painting" was so much fun to do again. obviously neither picture is done yet! my sister thinks that this is a sign of me going crazy. i think it's just the opposite! painting makes me happy!