Monday, May 25, 2009

yer kidding - more wallpaper?

one last note before i try to get to bed...i recently saved these other wallpaper photos and couldn't find them when i made my last wallpaper they are!

now, i couldn't live with pink wallpaper, but, this bathroom is so cool!!

this turquoise print: i realize this makes me sound totally insane, but when i came across this pattern i actually felt choked up. i also cry if i eat very good food. so, this turquoise and white print just does something for me. i feel like it is perfection. to me, it is a work of art. it's the color, but it's also the snowflake-like delicacy. it's unusual, but familiar because it's kinda floral and a little like an aquatic lifeform.

finally, a vibrant poppy print.

don't give the baby milk!

listen, some babies just shouldn't have cow milk. that's why i am here at 1am playing blog. i'm awake for real.
If you live in England and you are in a position to be shopping for furniture, I damn well hope you are shopping at Graham and Green. Holy cow, I love to love things that are out of reach. Lamp and brown desk photo are from that website.
And here is another lovely office in the colors I adore...Um, the walls aren't white, it's true... Black and white with blue. It's so awesome!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Finally made a curtain for the window in master bathroom. I had this small piece of fabric in the basement and it was just big enough to suffice as a window covering. Done! Yay!

And because you've been such a good reader today, you get a special treat....a very sweet Mister Rafey smile!


Table is new - it took me forever to find something that would fit here! All other objects are things found in my house already. Today I taped up this draggy cord, so now it's lookin swell.
This is a close-up of the beautiful tiny arrangement that is on the table. Stella made this and I think it's gorgeous.


wow. I just spent the longest time I have ever spent making a blog entry only to have it all lost! Holy shmokes!

So now I will put up the same pictures but put a lot less work into organizing them!

Before: blank wall. After: picture frames I am reusing - they were gold before, I painted them white, put in old sheet music.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

wallpaper, again...

I'm now seeing a great benefit of blogging...when I get that "i have to have it!" feeling, i transform that into, "i have to have a picture of that for my blog!" it's really handy. Here are some extra amazing wallpaper pictures, because maybe there is someone out there who will feel happy when they look at these patterns, the way i do.

This first one reminds me of my Aunt Sharon's house (as it was when I was very small, at least.) They had a deep green rug. It was very 70s. It was very clean. And green.

Tina, if you aren't in love with this wallpaper, I will be totally in shock!!!

Ah, sweet sweeeet!

IT'S HERONS!!! One of my favorite creatures.

Monday, May 11, 2009


someone i know needs to use this jonathan adler gray wallpaper...i don't know who, just someone...because it's SO AWESOME!!!

the second two are laura ashley. super frilly, for sure, but so lovely. i've seen lots of beautiful wallpapers but only saved a coup'la pics to share. just to get you thinking --- don't you need wallpaper somewhere?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

for lauren

Lauren is doing a kitchen remodel in a timber frame's going to be amazing! here are some pictures I wanted to share with her via the blog...
I bet this kitchen is alder? I prefer the copper to the stainless steel hood, though.

Black cabs, like you had considered.
If not white, there are other! So pretty! I like the mix of finishes. And how about that blue "pantry"?

I saved this one because it is another example of a wood finish (not painted) for cabs in a timber house.

Lauren - here is the copper range hood i mentioned to you? and see the ledge around the cooking area -- maybe just do a ledge, but no bar eating area?

Black cabs with white countertops?

This is a little extra, something tells me you won't have a deer head over your bed? ha ha! anyways, it's a cozy bedroom with seating area, just like you will have when you're all done!

I really like the red runner to add some spice to this bathroom. It's so cozy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I think about when I should be sleeping

Aaaaw! Two darling little spaces!!! What a great idea to add this intense accent color on the trim of a chair...a little suprise. How did they find this little taupe chair that perfectly matches the wallpaper? I'm a big fan of this style - pairing contemporary with traditional. To me, the mustard floral is really traditional, and so is stripe. And yet there is the modern chair and lamp thrown in there. Contrasts are fun. I'm hoping to do some of this somewhere in my house. (yes, of course I have a place in mind right now)

I also just loooove this pink damask chair. I bet it is a vintage one. I've always wanted a round-back chair. this one is round tush, too. i also like the draped lights. it makes me feel inspired that i should just follow my instincts to drape xmas lights on the mantle of the fireplace.
My problem is, I love everything!! I love the absence of color in this room. But mostly I saved it as a cool example of displaying art creatively. That is, if you have an enormous collection of sketchings and etchings, heh heh. I like the combination of frame styles. I'm a student of how designers use color. I think it's a huge part of creating a room that looks really complete. I would love to find completion in a room or two in my house. Ya, I love changing stuff, but honestly, I would really love to get things to feel a little more "done." Not all the way, of course, that would be boring, and I know my tastes will always be changing...

Wainscoting? Just a thought (office?)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

beautiful things

a little eye candy - a break from the boring pictures of my half-done rooms! I love this little console table! sweet!
gray herringbone? oh, i'm so in love! i'm actually going to do a black and white herringbone in my "office" room - i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is not too jarring and stark - it's a true black and true white....

I want to learn how to combine different elements so skillfully as is done in this picture...very different patterns which all work together... i think that maybe it works because the colors are matched so well and there is only really one color (blue) so it doesn't look too busy...

The bluegreen texture on the walls here is so good...with the black lamp shade...perfect! All these pictures are things i found when searching for photos of black/white/blue rooms - i'm trying to figure out how to make this work in my office space. it might not be possible to accomplish such a light feel since i have 2 enormous pieces of furniture that are very dark!

why the house is cranky

For 3 days I have been almost constantly within earshot of Stella, with no school, no husband, no other activities taking her away for even a half an hour. Matt has been gone every evening until bedtime is mostly done. Did you know that it is possible for a 5 year old to talk constantly? No, I mean, constantly? and also, that a great deal of the talk is really more of an argument than a conversation? So my big fun, my big party time this Saturday evening, is that I'm going to spend 15 minutes playing blog. To say I could use a little time out is such an understatement....

Above are photos of the previously red room - now white! I like it very much. I have pictures of the office painted white, too. Let's see if I can add them, too.

Oh, this is a terrrrible picture! Books not really set up yet, curtain I tucked into the shutter is sticking out all weird...But I guess it will make for a good half-way-there picture. I think that this room needs -- chair rail, beadboard. Do you see the snowball growing ever larger? I am going to try to integrate blue in here somehow, but also keep things light. I'm planning on putting in a black and white rug so that this room will coordinate with the room across from it (in the photos above).

Another recent change - got the strap hinges for the front door! I love it! Can you see how I actually painted the trim of the door a different color than the rest of the exterior? Heh heh, last year I actually told myself that it MIGHT be possible for me to paint my house MYSELF. it's true, I'm completely insane! But the house does need to repainted, siding repaired or replaced, pretty in, this year or next! shudder! i can't even imagine the cost of that frighteningly enormous project.

Happy Saturday night!