Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here are some bedrooms I have liked. I now have some gray/blue curtains that need to be hung in my bedroom. It will be great to no longer have the old red sheet as a curtain. I pin it up every day with safety pins to let in a little light.
Now I just need a curtain rod. I'm not sure if I should find something light, like painted wood, or dark, like iron. I've been looking at my collection of favorite rooms to get ideas. But it seems like curtain rods don't make much of a difference in a room, so I probably need to just pick something and go with it.

Stucco? A definite maybe.

well, if it isin't my favorite topic again? brick. brick brick yick. the paint looks painty. but the stucco looks - well, kinda interesting!

i think i will be hard pressed to find anyone else who would like this look besides myself. but then, since i might be in this house for, um, ever, i guess i'm the only one whose opinion matters! when i say "i" i do mean husband and self, of course. he is not too fond of this stucco sample...yet. i want to do a bigger patch before deciding. it is an enormous fireplace and so it is hard to get an idea what it might look like if the whole thing were like this.

i did this with "stucco patch." i couldn't find any other plaster-y material to work with. i like the color of the stucco. problems 1. it does crack, due to the huge amount of the glop i have to apply to fill in the enormous grout lines 2. i would need an enormous amount of the stuff to cover the entire temple of gloom. in fact, i actually wonder if the extra weight all that glop would add could be a problem?

A very unflattering, up-close shot of the stucco at night. it looks much better by day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boring Projects I Am Ignoring

I need to remove this very tight bracket support from the wall, fill the holes and sand, paint...Blah!

Water damage in Stella's room - to brand new wallpaper! sigh! need to sand and paint, and find someone to repair wallpaper. Luckily there was plenty left over.