Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stucco? A definite maybe.

well, if it isin't my favorite topic again? brick. brick brick yick. the paint looks painty. but the stucco looks - well, kinda interesting!

i think i will be hard pressed to find anyone else who would like this look besides myself. but then, since i might be in this house for, um, ever, i guess i'm the only one whose opinion matters! when i say "i" i do mean husband and self, of course. he is not too fond of this stucco sample...yet. i want to do a bigger patch before deciding. it is an enormous fireplace and so it is hard to get an idea what it might look like if the whole thing were like this.

i did this with "stucco patch." i couldn't find any other plaster-y material to work with. i like the color of the stucco. problems 1. it does crack, due to the huge amount of the glop i have to apply to fill in the enormous grout lines 2. i would need an enormous amount of the stuff to cover the entire temple of gloom. in fact, i actually wonder if the extra weight all that glop would add could be a problem?

A very unflattering, up-close shot of the stucco at night. it looks much better by day!

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