Wednesday, August 19, 2009

stressed, time to blog

follow up time! 1st room is now-white piano room. okay, okay, i admit, it's a bit stark. but i'm enjoying it. i have to say that if i were doing this whole house thing over again, i would start out with everything white! then you take the time to look at the light, your furniture in the place, and then come to an educated decision about color. white allows you to envision other possibilites. once a color is there, it's so hard to imagine anything else. at least, for me, this is true.

I had to take a picture of my living room while it was clean - and even had flowers in it?? this lasted about 3 hours. which is all i wanted it to last for, anyways. my dad and brother were visiting. i like to make a good first impression. after that, i let it all hang out. (such a graphic phrase, isin't it?)

Photo of the one corner of my house that i am completely, entirely at peace with. i still am in love with this console/kitchen island piece of furniture. i got it at such an awesome price, and it fits this corner perfectly. i feel that this corner is now completely absolutely done and exactly the way i want it. that is, until i have to come up with some other floral arrangement....but in fall, an easy solution would be just branches. they are bad feng shui, but the height (and $) will make them just perfect. the only thing new in this corner are the lamps.

and finally! the lamp to end all lamp searches! i'm so happy to be done with that search. this lamp is robert abbey "harriet" and was $180. yes, this is a lot of money, but for the size of this lamp, a good price. trust me, because i have looked at EVERY LAMP ON THE PLANET!!! even the target lamps of comparable size were $220+. at any rate, no more house purchases for me for a long time, now! and by the way (tina u.) this lamp is one that i saw about a year ago and loved...after looking at Every Lamp O. T. P., i wound up back with this one. crazy, huh? but according to this mathematic principle that tina told me about, apparently it is not crazy. something about the chances of the perfect choice being amongst the first several you look at, yadda yadda, im way too tired to try to get that one right!

nearly perfect! still some things i need to change (cheap curtain rod is barely hanging on to wall, for example, and mattress is only 3 years old and sags terribly) BUT i'm getting somewhere with this room!!! hooray!

after visiting my in-laws vacation home and just loving the fact that they painted their ceilings the same color as the walls, i've decided that i need to paint the ceiling in this room! but rather than continuing with the gold, i think i want to do a pale blue. wouldn't that be smashing, dahling? speaking of their vacation home, i might do an entry on that next. it was totally beautiful! i took pictures, of course...wonder if they would mind me posting them? for both of my readers to enjoy?

love and love,


Q said...

Dear Kelly,
Your house is looking very lovely. I need to start over again on mine. It has been so many years and it is time to re-do! YIKES.....
I do love white. It is the easiest for me since I switch around the decorations every month.
I would love to see the vacation home. I bet it is pretty....
A blue ceiling in a gold room would be striking. Very, very nice lamp...they end up costing what they cost...hope you will love it for many years.
For bug id I use Bug Guide. It is online and free. I try iding the bugs with my field guides but not all the bugs are in it. I do not know who is attacking Oak trees. Maybe the extention office knows.
Have a great weekend...I am off to explore the Prairie...more bugs!

happypippi said...

ooh, the white in the living room really does look lovely. i think white works best in bright sunlit rooms like that one. I love your lil' corner too.

Blue on the ceiling is a fab idea if you're willing to paint up there. Or get someone else to paint up there! ;oD just like the sky.

limpingalong said...

I completely understand about getting the picture while the house is perfect because they don't stay that way very long, do they! It is beautiful.