Tuesday, April 13, 2010

pictures at last!!!

Trying to pick out paint colors, and decide whether or not to paint the very red brick. I decided that painting the brick a lighter color (body color) would look wrong...but I'm still not crazy about the brick red. Might try doing a "wash" of body color on the brick once everything else is finished being painted.
Laundry room project! I would like to put a countertop over the washer/dryer. Obviously the dryer would need to be replaced (more $!) to make that work! Would also need to have a cut-out in the counter to allow for the water to the washer. Got an estimate for a stainless countertop at $800!! Wow! For some reason the laminate is much cheaper, more like $300. Hmmm. Hmmm. Well, obviously these are all extra pleasant things I would like to have, but are not necessities. Might do that part of the project another year!
You can see here the side entry door which has not been opened in years! Well, not completely true, opened it this winter when the sliding door was frozen shut. Here is the plan: remove this door and window, make one larger window in their place. Between the window and door was a short wall and door into the laundry room. This made the laundry room very small. By removing that door and using the previous "hallway" as part of the laundry/pantry, it will make one more spacious room instead! Awesome!!! I'm so excited to see that wall removed!Of course there have been hitches in all this! What kinda house project doesn't have those?? Turns out I had no more of the floor tile. I ordered more, and the color and size of the tile has changed, or at least is so inconsistent that now we need to track down more tile that is the appropriate size. And all that is really needed is about 20 6" square tiles. Lotsa thought for a very small tile project!
A fun side effect of the whole project is that this secondary stair (to the right) is now gone! They needed to get the rotted deck out of the way to do a thorough job with the extra siding that needed to be added once the door and window were removed! This also means that the air conditioner gets much better air circ now because it is not blocked by the deck overhead. Super! And some day, when my tile is found, when my window and my pocket door arrive, and are painted, and installed....I will have a new picture to post! It will be a happy happy time in the laundry room!!
Happy Spring to everyone!

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