Sunday, February 22, 2009

entryways, again

This door reminds me of another project (purchase!) that I've been putting off...I think that the front door would look great with some of these false strap hinges. Probably not so ornate, though.

Here is a bird lamp I found which is in the entryway. I have a thing for bird lamps, I get all excited about them. Once I saw a Buddhawithchildren sculpture turned into a lamp on ebay...I wish I had gotten that! I was told once it's not too hard to make your own lamps. I would like to learn how to do that some day.

I've always loved these under-the-stairs closets!!!! I wouldn't store anything in there because I would like to have it be my own hiding place.

Here is a really sweet friendly entryway. No ideas from this which I can use, since I don't have room for multiple mirrors and I have stuccoed walls. But isin't this wallpaper sweet?
I tried moving Broder's 5x7 rug to the was much better looking than 2 smaller rugs put together. I thought I had found a cheap orange Moroccan-window type rug that I could put in his room as a replacement but it turns out they are not available anymore. So will keep my eye out for an orange area rug for his room. Hmmm, orange rug...should be easy to find one of those, right? ha!

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Poor Ophelia said...

I absolutely love the coat hook tree.