Monday, February 23, 2009


The room of red....

Don't tell anyone, but I might paint this room soon. The red is so oppressive. I don't have the lamps on the pianie anymore cause of course we don't want the Rafer pulling them down!

Alison, i like your suggestion of a gold color. would coordinate with curtains. or maybe just offwhite. for some reason i also can picture doing a very subtle faux finish in here (for in my next life when i have that sort of time...) maybe two shades of off-white/goldie color, layered, barely noticeable. For red, this is a great one. it's just so dark in this room that it's unpleasant to even be in.

Well, ya know, my dream home is insanely white, white white. White floors, furniture, etc. It would probably be annoyingly sterile, right? It would last a day, then i would start painting colors, im sure. Speaking of white, i need to post a picture of the completed master bathroom. Problem is, it's always messy! Perhaps will just post a messy picture of it.

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Poor Ophelia said...

How about two colours of gold/yellow with the chair rail splitting it up?