Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Red Room

I've taken the first baby steps towards changing this room...with little kids to watch after, you've got to do all projects in baby steps! So, stuccoed the holes, today sanded that. I have white not-so-yucky primer, which will be a necessity no matter what color I wind up repainting this room, since the red is so dark.

Plans for this black chair: I would like to slipcover it in white cotton. It has an enormous ottoman that I would also cover. And put these upstairs. (I am smirking at what a huge project that alone is! ha!)

Blue chair: is really too small for in here, and was intended for Stella's bedroom, anyways. Will move it up there.

This slipcover will be easier to change, if I decide to. The colors of this chair as it is go alright in my bedroom, and I think the chair would do well in there. However, in a land where I have no money or time constraints, I would also make a new slipcover for this chair, again in white cotton, and with a skirt. Since I can remove this slipcover and use as a pattern, this is definitely a doable project, although I'm sure it is trickier than it at first would seem.

I don't know what to do with this room otherwise...still thinking about colors, a rug (some day), and trying to decide - what is the real function of this room? Right now nobody goes in here, nothing happens here. other than the occassional piano playing.

Also, I hope to someday find something I can hang from this chandelier which will make it less formal, and more whimsical. Remove some crystals, replace with --- beads? ornaments? oragami? not sure.

All just thoughts, things to occupy my mind when I would rather not think about the more immediate things I SHOULD be doing! :)

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