Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thinking about plantz

Oh, I love planting things! It's so warm out and I can't wait to have a minute to play in the dirt! Rafe is loving eating mulch...that's what he was doing while I took these. Why are children determined to choke on little things? Anyhow, here are some outside shots. Thought they would be fun to have for when the day comes that things grow and/or change, to compare...

First picture is of some evergreens we planted last year. I love them!

A problem spot...I tried to plant some grasses and apparently didn't water them enough last fall...don't think they are coming back! this is an awkward (sp?) corner and I'm not sure how it should be landscaped. Don't want to block sunlight into the dungeon, i mean, basement, so has to be low...I think part of the problem is the shape of the bed - it goes to edge of gate, which is crossing traffic flow, and makes bed too deep for simple 2-tier layering of plants. Maybe I should just clarify the path to the gate with stepping stones or something. I saw a pyrimidal holly once - so lovely! maybe could use in here somehow? I also love those pyrimidal dwarf alberta spruce. I know they are so common, but they are so adorable, too.

This is a graceful sycamore which we planted last fall. It wound up in that spot sort of accidentally (couldn't dig where it was intended). I love this tree. Need to go visit it to see if it's doing alright - doesnt seem to be budding and has that very dark trunk at top (can't see in photo)

Um, the rotting deck. What can I say? it obviously needs to be replaced, but decks are so beyond anything we are going to invest in right now. The boards are splintery and moldy! Last year I bleached it, which got rid of some of the mold, but also damaged the wood even more. I'm seriously considering putting some of that pretend grass (plastic turf?) type of stuff on it this summer so that it is not so splintery and slippery. Plastic turf - doesn't fall into the "green" theme, eh? That's alright. As you may have noticed, I have WAY TOO MANY IDEAS to ever get close to tackling this deck as a project.
Which brings me to this thought: i've noticed that the busier and more stressed i am, the more ideas i get! and the more i feel like playing blog! avoidance? stress relief? distraction? i'm not sure. But there are so many things I need to be doing right now and this is not one of them. Better scoot.

Oh, forgot about this one. The other gate that needs some plants. Oh, and the fence is rotting, as well. So many cute things would go well here! Easy straightforward shape - just needs some sort of cute shrub, or perhaps something like 3 forsythia which wrap around the corner. lots of things would look nice. And for the biggest time sucking pretend dream project of all -- i fantasize about painting this fence white. Kinda silly, since it would surely need to be repainted about every year, huh? But I'm a sucker for a white picket fence. Isin't everyone?

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Poor Ophelia said...

Hold on lady... you what? Bleached the deck. Ooooo... rent a power washer, to clean the dirty wood, let dry then stain. The only way to preserve decks. Has to be done every few years - as I say this mine needs doing. It's too early to tell on the grass if it is going to come back.