Thursday, April 2, 2009


Thought I would post some pictures for a friend of mine who is going to be designing a kitchen soon and likes how my kitchen turned out. Creating this kitchen was a serious "labor of love." It was a long, hard, often stressful process...but now I can say that I have successfully completed a really huge remodeling project - pretty much all by myself. But, reality check here, of course I did NOT build or paint the cabinets. The people who did that were awesome and deserve a ton of credit. The cabinet maker was able to interpret my designs (although I was very detailed, down to the very inch of every bit of this space). The man who spray painted the cabinets and stained the hutch part of the kitchen is extremely talented, and the final white color was from him "getting" the type of white I wanted. I looked and looked and couldn't find a swatch that seemed right, but he must have used this color before and chose it for my kitchen. He was awesome.

I think part of the appeal of the kitchen is the vent over the stove, with the shelf, the corbels underneath. Also the varied heights of the cabinets creates interest and gives more of a "furniture" feeling. They are also of varied depths. Many people have said to me, "why did you make that one part wood and the rest white?" I think that it adds to the furniture and custom look of the room. I wanted to make something that looked like a hutch. There is beadboard detailing in the back. behind the stovetop is a simple tile, it is blueish green. I wanted a white or light countertop and that was really hard to find. Wound up using granite because my father in law loves granite. I think I would have chosen corian because it is so tough and comes in a cabillion colors so I could have had white? But this pretty greenish granite looked awesome in the end. I also love the faucet, it's sort of old fashioned country style. It is polished chrome...nickel? now i cant remember. Anyways, so many decisions I sweated over in this kitchen!!! I can't even begin to detail them all...But hopefully my friend will find the pictures helpful. bye for now!

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Poor Ophelia said...

However you are strange and keep your cutlery drawer a mile away from your sink and dishwasher. Your kitchen "triangle" is off kilter. It should live in the island by the sink. Hehehehe ;-)