Monday, July 6, 2009


my current fixation: the long narrow hallway with doors to my room, "powder room," and Rafe's room. it also has 4 doors opening to closets. these doors are a real pet peeve of mine - they are forever left open, and also open of their own volition even when intentionally closed by moi. i do like the paint colors i used in this hallway, but i have ideas, honey, i have ideas....

for one thing, this hallway is pitch black all day unless you turn on a light. i would like to install solatubes (i cringe to leave out the "r" but that's how they spell it); i want to replace these louver type doors with non-louver bypass doors which will never be opening into the traffic space; i want to remove the chair rail and add crown molding, and install thicker moulding around the doors. AND, i would like to wallpaper with a blue/white vertical stripe.
mmmmm, yaaaaaaaa... definitely a very long term goal.


happypippi said...

I was gonna say, door replacement definitely called for there. I pulled off most of our doors in our small condo for the same reasons.

Don't know if the reason your louver-door plan seems far fetched due to time, effort, money, etc., but if you're looking for a cheap and relatively quick solution to the problem, all you'd need to do a quick measure, and you could then do a temporary solution for pretty cheap. Pull off all the doors, then install
1) (unfanciest option) spring rods w/ curtains
2) (medium fancy option) standard out of the box roller-blinds (can get them nice like jute, etc. at an import store)
3) (fanciest) suspension sets and panel curtains (work much like louver doors except they're fabric, at Ikea & other places)

Kelly said...

thanks for your thoughts, tina! i have mulled over the curtain definitely would be better than current solution...but i like the idea of the sliding door because it seems more "permanent." i worry that curtains would wind up getting dirty, being opened and closed by small people a lot. plus i know that matt tends to dislike curtain doors. but, hmmm... i might revisit this concept. the whole project seems very out of reach expense wise right now! but curtains, hmmm....yes, perhaps...