Sunday, June 21, 2009

the lamp obsession

I'm so lovely, too bad I'm 400 dollars. Yes, people, 400. Who makes up these prices?? Can I please have the real price, now?

this nifty one came up on a image search and i thought, hmmm! neat, but weird enough that surely it's kinda cheap...765 dollars. Yes, DOLLARS.

By the way, I found the picture of the carpet from the room which needs the lamps...

Finally for your viewing pleasure: a Robert Abbey triple gourd lamp. It comes in lotsa colors. Of course Matt says it looks like a snowman. Hey, I don't have anything against snowmen, do you? This one is lotsa prices, but basically around 200. Thats more like it, but I still say that the prices of lamps are, like the 3 dimensional pin the tail on the donkey we got for stella's birthday, strangely inflated.


Q said...

Lamps are hard! All the ones I like are also over the moon pricey!
I was lucky to receive lots of old lamps from family. I like them. All had to be re-wired and new shades...another pricey adventure.
I like crazy lamps...artsy stuff. I seem to be drawn to them. They are always out of my budget.
I like the crystal lamp in the bedroom. It looks great.
The older I get the more I just want good light! I have two old floor lamps I use most of the time for knitting and reading!

Kelly said...

thanks for the note, sherry!! i agree, unusual lamps are so very cool. i have seen several really interesting pairs on ebay - some 60s/70s lamps that were pretty strange, which i liked. i love lamps that are figures. sometimes see Kwan Yin lamps, Buddha lamps, etc. so much fun!