Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thoughts on the Dungeon

This is a beautiful space, isin't it? So many neat things. The lighting, the ceiling...the funny purple stool. I think being a photographer of spaces must be so interesting. Or maybe, being the stylist of the space. I always wonder about the person who turns every item just the right way, arranges the flowers, angles the chairs...I guess they are called "stagers"? Do people get paid for that? fun! but mostly saved this picture for the finish on the cement floor. I love the look of the unfinished ceiling, but our basement ceiling is too ugly to be chic and industrial looking.
Here - saved this for the countertop. Actually the whole console. Would make a great looking countertop/workspace for basement.

Amazing lighting!!! It makes the space, doesn't it?

Just wondering how to lay out doors/windows. Would be nice to add natural light down there for the dragon.

How much would I love to paint the floor white...I wish I knew someone who had a white painted floor so they could give me the scoop on the maintainance. is impossible to keep clean looking? We will paint the cement floor, not going to try to cover with some expensive flooring. Not sure exactly what the options are for cement. Have seen "acid wash" I think, and "staining", and epoxy. Will need to do some cement floor research. Not sounding very exciting.

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Tina said...

my sister and her girlfriend (being in phoenix) did all their floors cement. There's a specific process to it, but especially if your floor's already sealed (I think most basement floors are), I believe it's mostly just a paint situation. Gotta use the right kind of course, but the process is basically just painting I think. I think it's usually glossy and tough-wearing, so don't think white would be any kind of particular problem. The cool thing about painted cement is you could do any kind of fancy pattern or texture, and it's basically cheap as paint.