Friday, January 15, 2010

laundry room

HEL--llooooo laundry room!!! i'm going to eat you up!!! forget the bedroom, i think i will sleep right on that lovely little blue-gray-legged gem in the center, thank you!

cement. as countertop. i keep hearing people say that it's so indestructable, cheap, etc...really? i wonder. it looks cool but i can't imagine it being cheap to have someone custom create a heavy piece of colored concrete for ya.

if i could have a door to the pantry/laundryroom area. or, if you are matt, you just say, "why don't you just keep the laundry room perfectly clean and then we won't need a door?"

i wonder what is kept in those pretty drawers? seem too nice for dirty clothes, right?

i really like this playful mix of tile colors in squares. i think i've posted some other similar pictures.

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Q said...

Hello Kelly,
A beautiful laundry room is on my wish list! These are lovely.
Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!