Monday, January 26, 2009

Master Bathroom Remodel

Here are some "before" pictures...Funny, I can't find my "after" ones right now! You'll have to wait till my next entry! That's okay, 'cause I waited one year to see the final results! ha! We finally completed this project last year and moved from the small upstairs bedroom into the bigger master bedroom (the yellow room you see here).

It's impossible to understand the layout from these pics. On the otherhand, it was hard to understand it in person, too. Very odd. For some reason the closet was on outside wall and vanity/plumbing on the other words, there could have been a window but they chose not to do it that way. The 70s must have been a strange time. People didn't like sunlight as much, and they loved dark scratchy heavy beams of rough cedar. Wish I had a picture of the original stair rail....YIPES! I think they were trying to impart a Medieval Tavern feel.

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