Monday, January 5, 2009

some stuff

the rug i had bound for the master bedroom. im very fond of the color and pattern. as a bonus, it's good feng shui to have squares underfoot.

and yes, it has happened...i have begun to paint the fireplace. i plan on having it completed by 2010. it looks so stark in this picture, but i am convinced that it's gonna look good when all done. much more updated. i will pretend i live in a city loft and i will pretend im chic. i think with a modern lamp or side table in this room, it's gonna look cool. also will switch the mirror eventually, too. that one is too small.

thats all for now! so totally tired...when will sleep happen at my house? sigh!

1 comment:

happypippi said...

wow! that really is looking white! awesome! you will totally get that done by 2010! hooray!