Thursday, September 3, 2009

found the old pictures!!!

here is the old fireplace, obviously! and the very very dark beams with ultra-white paint between.... sh iver ! actually, i really do understand what they were going for in this house english tudor type of thing, with the dark beams and rails and stucco walls...the only problem was, they did it in an ultra ugly way! ha! seriously, the finish on the wood was dreadful, shiney, dark and splintery wood, too. the masonry of the brick is, i think, pretty yucky, too. they made super deep grooves between all the bricks which is weird. same as on the exterior.

the original kitchen! well, after a little tearing out. originally we were going to just paint what was there. oh man, am i ever glad we changed it around beyond just painting cabinets.

front hall light fixture - quite hideous, you've gotta admit. the front door was wood but had bad hardware and a million coats of paint, as well as a little window at just the perfect height for people to stare in at you before you even know they are there.

wish i had more pictures of the original master bathroom. i have already posted the "after" shots. it's SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!! before, closet on the outside wall, no window. weird angled vanity. weird, weird, and more weird.

this is the room where we now have the piano. there was much questioning of my desire to replace this light fixture. can you believe it? sigh! the front of the house used to be all these double-hung inefficient windows. it was pricey to replace them, but it made a HUGE difference in the appearance of the house from the front. now it is 3 casement, two sides operational, middle one not. love em. much better looking.

this last photo so you can see the window difference. so much better. yes, we still need paint and repair to the wood stuff on the exterior, etc etc.... but ah, i have to say the i think windows are so important!
hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!

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