Wednesday, September 16, 2009


this time of year is beautiful, no question. but i have to say, i get a little nervous when the leaves start to fall. i have to keep reminding myself that they will come back again. i love the green living things and i love to be outside, and i get so lonesome for the green things when they hibernate. stella made this flower decoration - she poked the stems of the flowers through the wide leaf, to keep them all together.
i took this picture at the beginning of summer. tiny plastic streamers can be incredibly beautiful in the sunshine.

random bedroom picture which i may have even posted before! i love the colors, the striped paper, and of course, the lamps.

another random picture i have saved. i think so much of a beautiful room comes from the architectural details. imagine this room without the wall panelling and i think you will see what i mean. i don't think anything that i've put inside this my house would look very good if it weren't for the fact that we replaced things like the old flooring. unfortunately, it's those structural things that are most expensive to change! unless you're terribly handy, which i am not. if i were, i'd be tearing the old chair rail down from the hallway, putting up crown moulding, and installing bypass closet doors right this moment!
i so very much want to go to sleep, and i know i will get woken up before too long. sleep deprivation is a cruel thing. rafe is lucky he is so very darling that i can't help but worship him, even though he steals my sleep every night.

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