Friday, November 20, 2009

bareness, walls

the hallway where i can't hang a picture because i still haven't finished fixing the patch/painting...
a corner which is no longer bare. i found this retro foal print and thought it was perfect for rafe's room, since he is interested in cowboy things...very exciting because i did always love those little boy rooms which are decorated so "western," especially with a 50's feel would be lovely. i think a rustic wood wall shelf on another wall might be just right.

my bedroom walls are extremely bare. but an unscarred wall is such a perfect thing! no nail holes yet makes it pretty in it's own right. it's also my way of being picky and saying that i won't hang up just anything in my bedroom. i'm going to wait until just the right (also cheap/free) thing comes my way.

and i am the opposite bedroom wall, also naked, 'cept for wallpaper. and i don't have a picture, in part, because someone thinks i should have a window right in the center of me. sigh!

and here is a freebee for you - some sweet sunshine, yellow hair and all. sweetness, sweetness, sweetness.........

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