Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the research photos

it there is one thing i learned in's that tequila is not meant to be drunk by the mug-ful. in addition, you might as well do your research. in fact, i remember sometimes having the problem that i would in fact do too much research. i would get distracted by interesting details and go off on a tangent. and lose sight of the big picture. okay, so maybe what i really should have learned is that i shouldn't get too focused on details? what? something about a mug? what? ugggg.

oh ya, i remember now. research. yes, i tend to want to get a lot of information before making decisions. rather than simply paint the front of the house, there is a grand new plan....replace the schoolhouse red brick with STONE. please nod politely while i say - stone is almost always superior to brick! unless you are a post office or a hospital.

so STONE. talk about a research project. composite stone? oh yes, it is manufactured something-or-other that is made to look like stone! stone veneer? that is actually REAL stone. then there are stone suppliers and retailers and even just plain stoners. it's terribly confusing.

you might be wondering, and what about this house? this house is so pretty, isin't it? so many details that i like, in particular the stone and the trim color, and also the shutters. and it's got a cupola, for goodness sake! and it happens to be for sale, so i looked it up to see if there might be good pictures online? this house is for sale for 2.2 million dollars. have you ever heard of such a thing?? maybe in california? shocking.

but all of that is really irrelevant. i went and took my own pictures. i was hoping that a builder person might be able to tell me what this stone is, and i also wanted to try to match the trim color.

how about i just move here? sigh! could this house be any more darling??

another example of colors and stone.
i'd like to end with a picture of my actual house but guess what? i still can't figure out how to move pictures around on the page. i try to drag it, it pops back into place.

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