Wednesday, November 11, 2009

playing house summore

here is an architect's rendition of what we could do to the front of the house. wow, he is a really good artist, huh? threw in the cupola for good measure, although we would obviously not need that extra expense, ah-hem.... yes, tear off all the brick and the cedar designs (half-timbering), and replace with brick. i think the plan is a good one except for closing up the entryway with the stone wall. it would look great from the outside looking in, but the view looking out would be even more obscured than it is already. the door would remain where it is currently, but where there is currently a single post, there would be a wall. to about where the broom is standing in this picture. rafey, get back to your sweeping!

it's all such a lovely distraction right now - since we haven't actually gotten a bid yet for how much this renovation would cost...

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