Wednesday, February 3, 2010

basement. windows. hmmm.

this used to be our front door. just came across the pic and thought i would put it here. for some reason this door and i really did not get along. im so glad he is gone.
ah, good, i found a picture of the rear of house. its an old picture, but not much has changed. its not the best view for considering this dilemma, though... you cant see the doors. we are wanting to make the windows bigger and use glass doors to let in more light. i think it is important to try to keep consistancy but... sometimes it also can be nice to use contrasting styles. i was thinking it might be interesting and fun to use big open glass for lower level, rather than the small grilles in the more traditional windows on the rest of the house.
i think this is a decent idea, but im not sure where to stop/start the style difference. for example, we will be replacing a few windows on the SIDE of the house and i dont know if those would be better being traditional to go with front, or modern, as i would like to do in this area by the concrete patio. i think i will go try to channel the spirit of an architect right now.
im thinking that it would look best to have the glass doors and all basement windows facing the back of the house be similar - ie, no grilles, or more contemporary. it's just those side windows im unsure of. also we are going to try painting the beams a dark color and hanging track lighting (the thin metal band type, not the white thick 80s kind) so contemporary is sort of the theme...

look how tiny stella was!!! wow, we've been working on this place for a very very long time. she is now almost 6!
i need to take a new picture of the rear of the house for this project. otherwise i have to stand out there in the almost-snowing cold. with rafe.

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