Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i've called so many posts "random things." let's try "radon things" for a change.

i adore this type of light. and i went out on a very thin limb, more like a holly branch, and purchased a similar light for my front entry, which is currently lightless. oh, oh, how much attention this will draw, and im afraid it will be mostly negative. but, my dears, my dears, it's my house, so, ta ta! ta ta!!!
hello, you are my favorite place. well, nearly. i would have to add a few colorful french chairs and frou frou it up a bit. but i think the contrast would be magnifique. and radon-ish, as well.

my old house! i thought this light was just sooo perfect for the house. put it in right before we moved. i hope the people there now enjoy it! i also loved the little copper doorbell. again, a radon picture i just happened across.

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