Wednesday, February 3, 2010

more basement

awesome room, eh? but i think i saved it mostly for those wooden posts.
this is a nice way to use a basement space. i love metal shelving. love the homey touches, too. i think this is what i am hoping for in my basement. i dont want to try to make it look like some opulent living room, just a basement that is finished enough to be comfortable for use.

love the stair rails. also, the open glass of the windows. my ceiling is of course about 13 feet lower than this.

the dark painted ceiling thing. hmmmm. nice, but this ceiling is much prettier/tidier than ours. ours has a million "sister joists" and a kajillion nails poking through. perhaps they would not be noticeable with dark paint?

had a picture of white ceiling, too, but cant find it.

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