Thursday, October 9, 2008

How do YOU arrange your objects d'art?

I've inherited some pictures, and have collected some cheap art when I come across it, and I have been given some really special things from friends... I've always a little cautious when it comes to putting nails in the wall. Lately, been trying to be more brave.

I like the idea of groupings. I'm trying to group things in a more creative way... Not sure if it's working or not, but this is better than the blank wall that was there before! I like the idea of grouping things by color, either of frame or content. This wall is a work in progress (isin't everything?) It is still changing. Obviously, I eyeballed the placement of these pictures! But I like how it turned out. I plan on continuing to build towards the left.

How do you like to hang pictures in your home?

This is a sweet arrangement. (love the wall color, too)

Including objects in your arrangement, neat idea.

Using same frame repetitively.

Oh, I also have started a wall grouping of family pictures in black and white. Don't have a picture of that yet, but will add it when the grouping is closer to complete.


Housefrau said...

I still have not hung anything on the walls in my house, despite having lived here for more than two years. Not out of fear of holes, but out of laziness.

However, someday I'm gonna find a seven foot long mirror and hang it above my dresser.

Your hanging looks pretty. It's funny how your arrangement makes it seem like the vent covers are part of the grouping, like some sort of abstract pop art thrown in with the other pictures. Reminds me of the time I went to the Kemper Museum of Modern Art and spent a good five minutes pondering the artistic profundities of what turned out to be a dehumidifier.

Kelly said...

are you being serious about the dehumidifier? heee hee! do you still do your blog? i will have to find out!! thanks for leaving me a comment. yes, those things in the wall...i figured there was no way to pretend they weren't there! although that awful "speaker" hole doesnt even have an actual speaker in it. its just a hole!