Sunday, October 5, 2008


Here is Roof before...
Finally! new roof time!
I took several pictures of attic beside upstairs bedroom. To me it was totally strange to see all this daylight coming into this space. For one thing, why did they not encorporate some of this space inot the bedroom? Plus, perhaps others can relate to me on this: lots of dreams about attic-type spaces makes this extra fascinating to me. The free and open bright attic is a nice thing to see compared to the creepy dark spaces I sometimes dream about.

Note in this picture: my roof is held up by a few leaning 2x4s. is this proper building technique??? Doesn't seem so stable to me.

yes, supporting the whole corner of my roof. nobody sneeze!

AAAh! That's better! I think the new gutters are going to make a big difference, too. A roof is such a sickeningly huge investment. I feel like it should do something besides just sit there looking gray. How 'bout some flashing lights. something?

Thank you to the roofers who did this. They worked so hard and so fast. They also were insanely picking up stacks of the old cedar shingles with nails sticking out everywhere while they had NO GLOVES ON. I was very worried about the workers and nails. I think a lot about how hard these people work, from 7am to 7pm, hammering away on roofs. Hard work. I hope they are paid well (doubtful)

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happypippi said...

Oh my gosh, that is so awesome you finally got your roof done! I can't believe it was done that quickly! What a huge relief that must be. (Kind of like when those guys came and ripped off the drywall and building exterior of our workroom and put it all back together properly and secure from leakage.) No more moldy worries!! Hooray!! You and Stella should throw a No More Mold party! I would!! :oD