Monday, October 13, 2008

A Playroom?

Playroom.....hmmm, sounds extravagant, doesn't it? At least, I always thought it did... And having a guest room, that sounds extravagant, too. But, here I am now with a bedroom that is neither of those things. It is - just a wasteland of stuff!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my camera is missing, so you won't get to see the "before" of what I have decided to designate "playroom." I'm hoping that if I can make this room pleasant and well-organized, toys and children will gravitate towards it. Thus, perhaps, my livingroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc., will start to seem a little more appropriate for grownups, rather than Lilliputians. I've grown used to clutter, I really have. And I know I will live with toy clutter for a long time to come. But, dare I dream to have a little bit less of it in every corner of my house?

I haven't found any fabulous playroom ideas, yet. Playroom storage stuff ranges from really flimsy and cheap to unbelievably expensive and Mod. I hope to find something in between. Well, closer to the cheap end, actually. I have a braided rug that is pastel colors that was in a different bedroom - that will be the color for the floor. I finally bought some paint. Stella and I both really like blue and green, and, oddly, she suggested the same wall color I had been considering - green on two walls, blue on other two. I am thinking red as accent. Had considered doing very stark white, like I have seen in some very modern rooms...but don't kids prefer color? I think so.
If anyone has any thoughts, has created a play place before, please share!


happypippi said...

(Ah yes, playrooms. so extravagant, especially when they double as guest rooms. Much less extravagant to let your extra room sit idle.. ;oD )

I think the colors sound great, especially since the mistress of toys sounds like she's on board with that. Diferently colored walls sound fun, and probably are good for little minds.

I would absolutely not do white. If there's one room in the house that should not be white, I would say its the playroom. Besides, white would only look ridiculous once you get all the hyper-colored toys in there (oh, unless you insisted they can only have neutral toned toys! I've seen catalogs that look like that! the horror!!)

Kelly said...

heh heh! yes, i agree with you, white is not the right color, is it? it does look cool in catalogues and magazines, but to live with? hmmm, not practical. i did paint the room, one wall is yellow, the other is blue/green. if i had had more time i would have probably experimented with brighter, but i was sort of pressured to just get it done. partly because i only have so much time to run back and forth to the paint store! wish i could post a picture of it as it is now! midway point between nothing and done!