Friday, October 24, 2008

Some of Today's Stella Thoughts

I am so sad to be without a camera, can't post pictures of what I'm working on at home, can't take pictures of baby.

But I can share the latest from Stella...

I was so entertained today by her recitation of different stories from "Free to be You and Me." She even closed a cupboard door for the sound effect of door closing.

She also had the idea that she and her brother, her mom and pop, should remain the same age forever. She said that this would mean we would wind up dying at the ages we are now, rather than dying when we are old. Interesting. She insists she wants to be a detective, combined with some other job. For example, Detective Cook, Detective Doctor, or Detective Sample Lady.

1 comment:

happypippi said...

Ooh! I like Detective Sample Lady!

Did you know there's actually a show called Kitchen Detectives on the Food network? There's also History Detectives on PBS (awesome!!)

Did you explain to Stella that her brother will get alot more interesting to her in a year or two once he can talk and walk? He could be her assistant, like Watson!