Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bedside Table Lamp

I feel like I already made an entry about this but I guess not...Here is the nearly invisible lamp that I found for my bedroom. I like it, it's nifty, and I got it at a good price ("clearance," but with lamps, you know that's still a lotta dollars). Anyhow, I like crystal lamps, but they are definitely a trend, and I try to avoid trends. sortof.
So, I would love to feel like I'm just in love with this lamp, but I'm not. It's not too late for me to return it, so both of you who read my blog (hee hee) need to tell me soon what your opinions are! Pro side of lamp: it's unique, and I like the fact that it's angular, like the carpet (sorry, couldn't find photo of the rug, but I'm sure I had it in a past entry). The con side of lamp: the cord is so noticeable, it's trendy, it's super large, and it doesn't look like this:

This curvy "gourd" style lamp has long been a favorite of mine. I haven't gotten one yet because they are always so pricey. Plus, I honestly don't know what style lamp will look best in my bedroom. It could be that the crystal one is the best choice? I dunno. Any thoughts? And if your thought is, "who cares?", you can keep that to yourself...chuckle...

Food for thought: a lamp I tried in the past. This is when the bed was on the wallpapered side of the room. I still love the wallpaper. See? I don't get tired of everything. Matt hated this lamp, and I guess it's kinda similar to the curvy lamp I like. Hmmm, maybe it's the feminine/masculine issue? Could it be this simple? Matt just likes straight over curvy? Hmmm!

More food for thought - isin't this a lovely room? I'm not fond of the fringe on the lamps, but I like the shapes, similar to the crystal one I'm trying out. I also love the headboard and the colors. I've been really happy with my blue/gold colors in the bedroom, too.

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