Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Target actually has a TON of lamps online, though I didn't save any pictures from there for the blog. While I am tempted by Target's lower prices, I'm also aware that those lamps my keel over quickly. I also saw some nice retro lamps on ebay. A vintage pair of lamps would be great as it would be recycling...
After visiting the new thrift store nearby and viewing the mountains of donated crap (which I added to) I was reminded of the fact that --- we have a lot of crap. I mean the collective "we" because I hate to take all the blame (hah!), although I deserve quite a bit of it.
Of course it would be preferable to find something nifty that is used, rather than new. Or, if I'm going to get something new, I would like to get something really nice that is actually going to LAST.
So much of what you see at the thrift store is junky stuff that never should have been purchased in the first place - tchotchskys (sp?), dust collectors... I guess that's the problem with places like Walmart, where things are sometimes so cheap that they get purchased for their cheapness, rather than their quality. Then these objects de crap get tossed away and replaced.
Ug, my constant inner battle between my love and hatred of "stuff." I know that it is possible to make beautiful rooms out of healthy objects, things that are recycled or sustainably constructed or high enough quality to last a long time.... And of course it would be possible to live beautifully in the simplest and barest, minimalist surroundings. There are so many ways to make a space which relates to the humans who reside there, a space that is nourishing and comforting. I think of my grandma's house and how comfy it was - and she had the same giant wooden untensils on the wall for 50 years! Heh heh!

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