Thursday, June 4, 2009

two obsessions in one! faux bois + wallpaper!

i love this planter that matt so thoughtfully found for me for mother's day. now they have a few at suburban! yay! i think it's an excellent thing for them to carry.

faux bois wallpaper? i almost fainted.

but this grayish beige faux bois is just perfection, in my mind. what also makes this bathroom perfect for me is the mirror! i have coveted such a mirror for many years...i found a few similar online at one point -- YIKES! dollars! the one i really wanted was white twigs and even had tiny painted birds sculpted on it....sigh!


happypippi said...

nifty planter!!

wow new term of the day is "faux bois" I like the first faux bois pic, but I'm surprised you do. Very midcentury styling there!

I think that mirror looks pretty nice, but it sure looks out of place in that bathroom, though.

Kelly said...

oh, i do love midcent. stuff. i love everything, haven't you noticed? i like even very contemporary stuff, although i don't own anything like that and probably wouldn't be able to live with rooms that were very stark, which some contemp. stuff seems to be. you don't like the mirror in that bathroom? i guess i can imagine other styles, there, too, but i think this mirror makes a statement. (maybe, hello, i'm fancy, and i'm faux bois :) )