Monday, September 8, 2008

The FIREPLACE of doom

This is my attempt at creating a "whitewashed" look - or something....SIGH! i dont know if it's better or worse this way! I would need a very tall ladder to finish the top half. And definitely need to do something about the shelf - maybe wider and more like a pine look instead of that dark dark stuff.

As seen in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Here is what it was like before...I think that this picture has in its favor that it was taken before we moved in and there is obviously no mess or anything!

LOOKING FOR ADVICE on changing this fireplace!

Any thoughts? questions? comments?

Would I be better off just painting it straight white so it doesn't look too faux-ie?


happypippi said...

Hey Cranky, T'abby here.
I agree that is definitely among the ugliest fireplaces I have ever seen.

but, you have to admit, this one's a close runner up:

have you tried this place:

(I know, i should create one of these here account things. Just too lazy to do it right now.)

Housefrau said...

ooh, i think the whitewashing looks great. but how to get way up to the top?? maybe a pogo stick?

really, though, it's looking great so far. the mirror really opens it up.