Monday, September 8, 2008

Let's Begin

I am creating this post to try to connect with other people who love playing house. I love discussing decor, changing things around in my home, brainstorming for new ideas, etc. I'm hoping to get input from others about my house projects and to share ideas. My 2 little children are also fun to photograph and I think this might be a nice way for friends and relatives to see what we are up to!

Thanks to anyone out there who would like to discuss home life with me!

mwa! (kiss) (is that too personal?)

n.b.:i have very little free time so please excuse typos, stupidity, lameness, apparent insanity. i just want you to see my fireplace and tell me what to do with it!

1 comment:

Q said...

Dear Kelly,
It is exciting to see your house and read your words! This will be a fun adventure.