Friday, September 26, 2008

Isin't this a nice entryway garden?

This picture is from Rafe's room. I love this wall decal thing I found on Etsy. You can pick the colors for the leaves and fruit. It's cheap and I think is so much fun.

Bedroom picture. See, I can't even be bothered to move the remotes for a picture. Too much work! ha! Anyways, I liked these lamps but Matt said that they were like alien's had landed next to the bed..... I don't know what he's talking about, but, whatever. We considered hanging some wall sconces but he made a big drama show about how impossible it would be to turn off the light while laying down on your back in the bed. For god's sake, man! the day you can't even sit up to turn off your bedside table light is a sad, sad day indeed.

At any rate, the bedroom looks diff now. Bed is in front of window and bedding is different. We badly need curtains as the red sheet held up with tacks (tacs?) is getting annoying.


happypippi said...

hmm. unfinished projects in the bedroom due to lack of effort sounds like bad feng shui to me (um ... excuse me while I uh... go think about buying a bedframe...)

I love that tree!! another place with lots of cool wall decals here:

kelly said...

i love that you leave me comments! yes, the bedroom is so important for happy feng shui. and yes, you better get a bedframe! im just glad that at least my bedroom is downstairs now - that other room was far too small for a queen size bed.