Tuesday, September 9, 2008

rooms i like

let me start off by acknowledgeing that i am, well, sort of "stealing" these photos. I apologize to anyone out there who cares! I have been saving these pictures to my computer for my own reference and so I never bothered to note the source of them. But seeing as how this blog is just for my own fun and no profit, I'm assuming it won't bother anyone too much?

Ah! It's just so pale! I love it. You can see why I dislike my own dark fireplace. I love light colors.

This dining room or kitchen area is, I guess, totally "girlie." My husband recently pointed out to me that I have decorated the house in a very feminine style. This is a topic I would like to discuss with others: how to create a masculine/feminine balance in your home if you, um, totally love very feminine looks! Honestly, I'm not sure what a "masculine" style would look like. I just know what I like.

I love monochromatic rooms. Perfect for control freaks like myself. I don't decorate this way, but I like to look at it!


happypippi said...

(woop! created my own account and everything!)

Re: the masculine/feminine thing, I'd say the room in the photo right above the "girlie" room you mention is a good example of how to balance. Most guys need something darker and grounding to balance out all that airiness (except for those who are into airiness, who will probably not be married to you).

In any case, I suggest you not do this, if you are looking to improve relations:

Kelly said...

can i leave a comment at my own blog? that seems like sending yourself flowers or leaving yourself a voicemail...eh...
anyways, im SO excited that i can communicate with you with pictures and words this way! its SOOo cool!

i agree with the BALANCE. ive decided that the living room has okay balance. red room is out of wack.