Saturday, May 2, 2009

beautiful things

a little eye candy - a break from the boring pictures of my half-done rooms! I love this little console table! sweet!
gray herringbone? oh, i'm so in love! i'm actually going to do a black and white herringbone in my "office" room - i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is not too jarring and stark - it's a true black and true white....

I want to learn how to combine different elements so skillfully as is done in this picture...very different patterns which all work together... i think that maybe it works because the colors are matched so well and there is only really one color (blue) so it doesn't look too busy...

The bluegreen texture on the walls here is so good...with the black lamp shade...perfect! All these pictures are things i found when searching for photos of black/white/blue rooms - i'm trying to figure out how to make this work in my office space. it might not be possible to accomplish such a light feel since i have 2 enormous pieces of furniture that are very dark!

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happypippi said...

uh oh, do I detect a little color and pattern creeping in to the pure white schema? hee hee! :o)

I love that zebra room! And its true, that console table is very cute.