Monday, May 25, 2009

yer kidding - more wallpaper?

one last note before i try to get to bed...i recently saved these other wallpaper photos and couldn't find them when i made my last wallpaper they are!

now, i couldn't live with pink wallpaper, but, this bathroom is so cool!!

this turquoise print: i realize this makes me sound totally insane, but when i came across this pattern i actually felt choked up. i also cry if i eat very good food. so, this turquoise and white print just does something for me. i feel like it is perfection. to me, it is a work of art. it's the color, but it's also the snowflake-like delicacy. it's unusual, but familiar because it's kinda floral and a little like an aquatic lifeform.

finally, a vibrant poppy print.

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