Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I think about when I should be sleeping

Aaaaw! Two darling little spaces!!! What a great idea to add this intense accent color on the trim of a chair...a little suprise. How did they find this little taupe chair that perfectly matches the wallpaper? I'm a big fan of this style - pairing contemporary with traditional. To me, the mustard floral is really traditional, and so is stripe. And yet there is the modern chair and lamp thrown in there. Contrasts are fun. I'm hoping to do some of this somewhere in my house. (yes, of course I have a place in mind right now)

I also just loooove this pink damask chair. I bet it is a vintage one. I've always wanted a round-back chair. this one is round tush, too. i also like the draped lights. it makes me feel inspired that i should just follow my instincts to drape xmas lights on the mantle of the fireplace.
My problem is, I love everything!! I love the absence of color in this room. But mostly I saved it as a cool example of displaying art creatively. That is, if you have an enormous collection of sketchings and etchings, heh heh. I like the combination of frame styles. I'm a student of how designers use color. I think it's a huge part of creating a room that looks really complete. I would love to find completion in a room or two in my house. Ya, I love changing stuff, but honestly, I would really love to get things to feel a little more "done." Not all the way, of course, that would be boring, and I know my tastes will always be changing...

Wainscoting? Just a thought (office?)

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