Saturday, May 2, 2009

why the house is cranky

For 3 days I have been almost constantly within earshot of Stella, with no school, no husband, no other activities taking her away for even a half an hour. Matt has been gone every evening until bedtime is mostly done. Did you know that it is possible for a 5 year old to talk constantly? No, I mean, constantly? and also, that a great deal of the talk is really more of an argument than a conversation? So my big fun, my big party time this Saturday evening, is that I'm going to spend 15 minutes playing blog. To say I could use a little time out is such an understatement....

Above are photos of the previously red room - now white! I like it very much. I have pictures of the office painted white, too. Let's see if I can add them, too.

Oh, this is a terrrrible picture! Books not really set up yet, curtain I tucked into the shutter is sticking out all weird...But I guess it will make for a good half-way-there picture. I think that this room needs -- chair rail, beadboard. Do you see the snowball growing ever larger? I am going to try to integrate blue in here somehow, but also keep things light. I'm planning on putting in a black and white rug so that this room will coordinate with the room across from it (in the photos above).

Another recent change - got the strap hinges for the front door! I love it! Can you see how I actually painted the trim of the door a different color than the rest of the exterior? Heh heh, last year I actually told myself that it MIGHT be possible for me to paint my house MYSELF. it's true, I'm completely insane! But the house does need to repainted, siding repaired or replaced, pretty in, this year or next! shudder! i can't even imagine the cost of that frighteningly enormous project.

Happy Saturday night!

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happypippi said...

ahh, it's all so clear to me know.. NOW I know why my parents hated me so much...

As soon as that girl discovers how to talk on paper or the computer you'll be relieved of duty. Good news is she's smart so she should be learning that sooner than others. Hang in there!

BTW, the door looks great!