Tuesday, May 12, 2009

wallpaper, again...

I'm now seeing a great benefit of blogging...when I get that "i have to have it!" feeling, i transform that into, "i have to have a picture of that for my blog!" it's really handy. Here are some extra amazing wallpaper pictures, because maybe there is someone out there who will feel happy when they look at these patterns, the way i do.

This first one reminds me of my Aunt Sharon's house (as it was when I was very small, at least.) They had a deep green rug. It was very 70s. It was very clean. And green.

Tina, if you aren't in love with this wallpaper, I will be totally in shock!!!

Ah, sweet sweeeet!

IT'S HERONS!!! One of my favorite creatures.


happypippi said...

I love that first wallpaper! *looks around house to figure out where to put that wallpaper*

Actually, I guess prepare to be shocked, but I don't really like that second one. I like each of the individual flowers alot, each in isolation, but I don't like how they're all put together and how busy the pattern looks repeated a million times on the wall. Also, not my favorite color palette. A bit too pastel-ey for my tastes.

And, I seriously laughed out loud at your new blog tagline. Brilliant!! :oD

Q said...

I love wall paper for journal covers!
I also love your photograph on your header!
Hope you had a great Mother's Day.
I have seeds to sow....hope it dries up a bit...